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Mar 11

The LGBT Movement in America: Past, Present and Future

Distinguished Lecture Series. A series of lectures presented by FAU faculty.

March 11, 2018

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  • PA101
  • $20
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  • Doors open 30 minutes prior to event.

Fred Fejes, Professor of Communication

The LGBT movement has been active since at least 1969, but it has emerged as a prominent part of American culture and society in the last 10 years. Fejes was among the first generation of scholars to publish in the area of sexuality and the media. Research for his book "Gay Rights and Moral Panic" was used to help create the recent PBS documentary "The Day It Snowed in Miami," a history of the gay rights struggle in Miami from 1977-2002.

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Ticket Policy

Tickets: $20

Five lectures: $75

Groups of 8: $15 per lecture

Free for FAU faculty, staff and students

For series ticket holders, present your ticket stub at Living Room Theatres Café (located in Culture and Society Building, adjacent to the Performing Arts Building) for a 10  percent discount on your meal.