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Mar 18

A Tale of Two Martyrs: Heresy and Treason in Tudor England

Distinguished Lecture Series. A series of lectures presented by FAU faculty.

March 18, 2018

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  • PA101
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  • Doors open 30 minutes prior to event.

A Tale of Two Martyrs: Heresy and Treason in Tudor England

Ben Lowe, Professor of History

In 1555, the Protestant bishop John Hooper was burned at the stake for heresy, while in 1587, the Jesuit seminary priest, Stephen Rowsham was hung, drawn and quartered for his Catholic proselytizing. Since the executions were public events that took place in the city of Gloucester, how might witnesses have interpreted what they saw?  This lecture will focus on the immediate impact on witnesses, taking into account the social, political and religious contexts in which they occurred.


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Ticket Policy

Tickets: $20

Five lectures: $75

Groups of 8: $15 per lecture

Free for FAU faculty, staff and students

For series ticket holders, present your ticket stub at Living Room Theatres Café (located in Culture and Society Building, adjacent to the Performing Arts Building) for a 10  percent discount on your meal.